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The Children's Advisory Commission is made up of representatives from Indiana County's educational systems, school districts, healthcare programs, and child-serving agencies. It provides a forum through which members can discuss broad-based family and child needs, learn about local resources, and receive information and training that is relevant to their professional development. Together, members examine the needs of families and children in Indiana County and attempt to meet these needs through a variety of collaborative events and programs. We'd love to have you join!

Download, complete, and print application, then either mail or email.

Already a Member?

We are so glad you are a part of our team. Being a member of the CAC Board of Directors is an appointment to be proud of. Together, we work towards addressing the needs of Indiana County's family and child and securing their futures. Together, we can make a difference.

Please take a few minutes to download and complete our Membership Maintenance form to ensure we have the most recent information about your status and organization. You can also use it to submit your voluntary annual membership donation that helps with the CAC's programming.

Download, complete, and print form, then either mail or email.


(Membership/Calendar Year = January through December)

  • I understand that the CAC Board of Directors is a three-year (3) appointment and that the board meets eleven (11) times a year on the first Tuesday of each month, excluding July. As a member, I will attend regularly scheduled meetings. I understand that if I miss three (3) consecutive meetings, without an excused absence, I could lose my position on the Board. These meeting are in-person only.

  • I agree to serve on at least one (1) standing committee or event planning committee. These meeting are in-person and virtual.

  • I agree to volunteer for at least one (1) outreach event within each calendar year.

  • I agree to participate, in some capacity, in at least one (1) fundraiser within each calendar year.

VOLUNTARY Annual Membership Donations:

Please wait to make donation until  you have been approved and appointed as a member.

  • Agency Level: $50

  • Individual Community Member: $35

  • Any amount you wish to contribute

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