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Working Committees

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The CAC is led by its Executive Committee which consists of elected officers, committee chairs, and representatives from Children & Youth services and ARIN IU28. The CAC is an organization that examines the broad-based needs of families and  children in and attempts to meet these needs in creative and  innovative ways.


The Executive Committee plans and sets the agenda for the CAC monthly meetings, reviews the strategic plan, and approves the applications of new members for recommendation to the entire commission. 


The CAC meets every month (except July).   Members listen to presentations that are   relevant to children and families. The CAC also provides a forum through which its members can share  accomplishments,   legislative news, information, resources, and opportunities.

Download the CAC Brochure

The Early Care and Education Committee:


  • Focuses on the needs of expectant families, those with infants & toddlers, and the care providers who serve this age group.

  • Examines issues relevant to families with preschool and elementary - school age children.

  • Plans the annual Family Fun Fest event.

  • Participates in other community events such as the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival.

  • Reports on PA State initiatives concerning young children. (OCDEL) and ELRC-3

The Safe Children's Network Committee:


  • Provides information to the community on ways to prevent childhood injuries.

  • Conducts  safety related events such as bicycle rodeos.

  • Participates in other community events including Safe Day and the Back to School Bash.

Download the Safe Children's Network Brochure

Additional Committees:
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